Design Immersive Web AR Experiences Directly in your Web Browser

Deliver your web based augmented reality content to any website or share it with just a link or QR code.

No app, no downloads, no coding required.

Image-Based WebAR 3D Models

Turn your 2D image into a 3D model that you can share on any platform with just a link. Or, embed it on your website or a third-party site. You can do it or we can do it for you. Check out our library of ready-made models.

Markerless WebAR

Put your 3D model into the real world with no app download or coding. Our Web AR platform recognizes flat surfaces and inserts your model into reality with just the click of a link or the scan of a QR code.

You Do It or We Do It

Upload your own 2D image and turn it into a 3D model or give it to us and let us do all the work. Need something super quick? We have an entire library of models you can choose from and edit to fit your needs.

Browser Based Web AR Framework

All 3D models and markerless Web AR objects are browser based. No apps, downloading or coding is required from you or anyone who views them. Share them, embed them, view them on any device at any time.

Keep your Top Secret Projects Safe

Links to 3D models and Markerless Web AR objects can be password protected if you’re not ready to share your project with the world at large. We take safety and security seriously at Reality XD.

Be Our Guest, Let Us Do the Hosting

All 3D models come with a standalone landing page that we safely host where you can see your created scene. No need to take up precious storage space on your cloud.

Get on Track with Web AR

All 3D models and Markerless Web objects come with trackable links and QR codes so you can see when, where and how many times they’ve been accessed. Connect them to your own Google Analytics for even more detailed Web AR analytics.

Collaborate Efficiently on Your Web AR Development

Invite colleagues to work on your Web AR projects safely and securely. Control how much everyone gets to see and do in their collaborator accounts for maximum security and efficiency.

The Reality XD Web AR Studio is Ideal For:


Take online shopping to a whole new level by giving customers the ability to rotate and zoom in on your products, seeing them from every possible angle.


Give them an even more immersive experience by letting them see the product in their own homes. Sales go up, returns go down. Everyone wins.

Product Design

Work with your entire team in Reality XD and keep your product designs secure with password protection.

Get feedback from your clients and associates before you hit the prototyping stage. Save money by doing it right the first time.

Branding & Marketing

Open up a whole new world of branding and marketing opportunities. Easily create a logo or mascot to exist in the real world with Reality XD’s Markerless Web AR.

See brand engagement soar with a whole new realm of interaction. Let the online and real-life worlds mingle.

Real Estate

Intrigue buyers with contactless room staging. Give them a glimpse into the potential a new home or office can provide. Or Use our extensive library to “furnish” a room or create a Markerless Web AR object of a house or building to fill a vacant lot to help your customers envision the possibilities.


Let students see objects you’re studying in a 3D environment where they can rotate them and zoom in to see them from every angle. Or Enthrall students with lessons — even when learning remotely — with markerless Web AR objects right there in their own homes. Learning has never been so fun!


A 3D model in this context is a virtual object that you can rotate, manipulate and zoom into or out of while it’s on a website.

The 3D model can be accessed by a link. It has a dedicated landing page, hosted by Reality XD, where you can see it.

Or, you can embed the 3D model onto a website with an embed snippet.

Web AR stands for web-based augmented reality.

A markerless Web AR object is a 3D model that comes with its own landing page known as a “scene.” If this scene is transparent, the object can be viewed in reality with the use of a phone camera.

With Web AR, you can click or tap a link or scan a QR code that allows you to “put” your Web AR object (the 3D model and its transparent scene) into any space via your phone by overlaying it onto actual reality (without the use of any markers).

Reality XD’s Web AR creator detects flat surfaces in a person’s space and “places” the object on that surface by overlaying it onto reality using the phone’s camera. A Web AR object that is on a transparent background will look like it is inside the person’s room or whatever space they’re in. Unlike with traditional augmented reality, there are no markers required.
None. You can create a 3D model and Web AR object in Reality XD without having any coding skills. It’s as easy as online shopping.
Yes. You can turn your 2D model into a 3D model and a markerless Web AR object or you can get us to do it for you.
Yes. Your whole team can collaborate in Reality XD and you can control what each collaborator has access to.
You can password protect 3D models and markerless Web AR objects.

It is not possible to see who exactly accessed your link or QR code, but Reality XD does provide you with useful tracking information, including approximately when and where the link and code were accessed from and how many times it was accessed in a given period.

You can connect your own Google Analytics account to the link and code for further web AR analytics.

Yes. Reality XD has a whole library of 3D models and Web AR objects you can use. We have familiar characters like Santa Claus and other objects you can use and edit to suit your needs.
Yes. Whoever is using their phone to view the AR object can take a screenshot and it will show the object in their space. They can then share the photo.
Yes. You can create filters for TikTok, Instagram and other platforms for people to use when they are viewing the AR objects in their spaces.